Phelps Comparative Govt

The Assignment:

part 1--Creating a blog

1. Go to Create an account.
Click to create your blog. When you do, pick a memorable name, and then create your own url/address.

REMEMBER to put Phelps at the beginning of your address--like for example.

2. Choose your template design. Click to continue.

3. The screen will take you to an area to write a new post. Before doing that there are a few things you need to set.
by clicking on "settings".

a. Under "settings--permissions"--click below your name to "add authors." Add the other members of your group via their SCHOOL email.
b. Under "comments", scroll down to moderation, and click ALWAYS. (important!)

4. You also need to add some things to your sidebar. To add elements to your sidebar, use "Layout--Page elements".

5. You will want to add a gadget called "subscribe" to your page so that people can follow it more easily. Click add gadget.

6. Next, you need to embed a map. First, go to google maps, and search for a map of your area.
a. Above the map, click the button "Link to this map." An "embed" html line will show up. Highlight and copy this line.
b. Go to your blog. Click to add the html gadget to your page. Paste the "embed" line into the box provided and save.
c. Preview your blog to see how the map appears.

7. Add any other gadgets you would like or need from the Layout screen.

8. When finished, email your blog's address to

part 2-- Adding your RSS feeds