Let's Get Started!
Write your responses in your Writer's Notebook.

Level One:
Follow this link to the Westlake HS Library Database page. Next, click on the GALE database link. (Gale is a set of databases – current issues, opinions, magazine articles, ebooks, etc.)

  1. Click the “dot” for “All cross-searchable databases" to search “all” the Gale databases at once.
  2. In the “Find” box, type the search “iPhones and privacy.” Hit enter. Then, click on an article you find on Apple’s battle with the FBI over cell phone privacy.
  3. Click on the “Citation” tab. Name one of the tools you can export the citation into.
  4. Click on the “Related Subjects" tab on the right tool bar.
  5. a.What is a subject that you see that is another term for cell phone or iPhone?
    b. How is another way to make your search more detailed? (*Hint – what is button next to the search box?)
  6. Click on the green box above the search box. This launches your Google Drive. Save the article directly in Google Drive(you may have to log into your email first). This will allow you to save it there and edit it, highlight it or add notes to the article.

    gold star.jpg
    gold star.jpg
    Congratulations! You are now ready to move to Level 2!
Level Two! Diving deeper!
  1. Return to the library's main database page. Click on the EBSCO database link. Select the EXPLORA database. (Ebsco has many different databases to pick from).
  2. In the search box, type "Cell phones AND privacy". You can use the word AND to combine terms.
  3. What is the "source" (magazine or newspaper) that the first article is from? List the title.
  4. Would this be a good source? Why/why not?
  5. Click the back arrow to go to the previous screen. On the left toolbar, scroll down the page until you see "sources." Click on magazines to just include magazine articles and not other types of articles. Write the title of the source for the first article that is on the list. Would this be a good article for research? Why or why not? Answer in your journal.
  6. Open the article. a) Is there a way to save it to your Google Drive? b) What other way can you save this particular article?
  7. Scenario: You are at home finishing up the last of your research and stressed out! Where can you find the passwords for these databases when you are not on campus? (Ask for help if needed!)

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swirl star.jpg
Congrats! Almosssst done! Now it's time for Level Three!

Will you finish in time?

  1. Go to Google! Google "cell phone privacy." a. What two websites are the first two you find? b. Would these be good for research--why or why not? (do they have a bias?)
  2. Now click on the "NEWS" tab for Google. What is the difference in the articles you find?

  3. **Expert Tip - Before you use a source, be sure that it is a worthwhile one! When you research techie issues online, you can run across many biased articles, opinions, blogs, etc. Be sure what you use is a quality source. Remember--Your brain is the best search tool :)

  4. Now go to the library's Online Catalog. The catalog is a place to find what books and ebooks the library has on a topic. Look up the book entitled Are Privacy Rights Being Violated? Write down the call number; then go to the shelf and find the book.
  5. Look in the book pocket. Bring what you find to the librarian, and you are DONE!

Awesome! You are done!! To complete powering up, each person fill out this Google form!